Charlotte Mason

Although she was an English educator and philosopher who deeply influenced primary education in this country for the better, you may never have heard of Charlotte Mason here in the UK.

A large ‘CM’ revival movement sprang up within the homeschooling world in the US and ‘Charlotte Mason’ is one of the most popular home education approaches.

The Charlotte Mason approach includes, amongst other things:

– short lessons
– Nature-study
– Art appreciation
– Classical music appreciation

If you like Charlotte Mason’s approach but would like somebody else to draw together the literature and do all the “legwork”, take a look at the literature-based curriculum options listed:

Charlotte Mason Curricula (formerly Epi Kardia) (Catholic) (LDS)

CM Inspired Curricula



CM Adaptable Curricula (more classical than CM)



CM Subject Specific Resources (not Complete Curriculum) (Beautiful Feet) (Languages)

CM Adaptable Subject Specific Resources

Standard Math Instruction (preferred by Charlotte Mason)

MEP Math
Miquon Math
Math Mammoth
Right Start Math

‘Living Math’
Life of Fred


Apologia Science
Sassafrass Science




A Child’s Geography
Knowledge Quest Maps
Trail Guide to Learning

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