2019 Planner Giveaway!

To celebrate our new UK planner group gaining 100 members so quickly, I would like to organise a giveaway from my stash of undated Home Ed Planners!
I’m just about to visit my mum and I’ll be back on Monday 12th so we can call that our deadline.
To enter:
1) Like this post and/ or
3) Reblog this post (or share the same post on Facebook or Twitter),
4) Connect with me on Twitter @Ohana_HE
5) Follow or subscribe to this blog
And let me know which/ how many of these you have done. You obviously have more chance of winning the more of these you do.
The winner then will be picked as close to Monday 12th September I can manage.
The winner can choose between:
1) an American style weekly planner,
2) a UK style daily planner for Primary (A4 or A5)
3) a UK style daily planner for Secondary (A4 or A5).
You can also nominate a brand new home educator/ planner to receive the planner you win (which is what happened the last time I organised a giveaway).
I’ll post pics of the available planners when I have a moment.
p.s. I forgot to say that this ought to be limited to the UK. The main winner will need to be in the UK. If there is a non-UK winner, we’ll need to talk about shipping/ postage costs, and you may get a booby prize if the shipping is too high.

Basic plans Autumn 2016

I thought I would share my basic plans. This is our initial timetable (the times are flexible, just a guideline, and to be honest, the lessons end up being much shorter than the hour I’ve allowed):

The first session is “Morning Time” which includes all of the subjects on the top line, a little each day, but those listed will be our “focus” subjects to make sure none get left out. The Times seem to have got cut out of the photograph, but that should be 9:00 am.

Then Maths and English every day at 10:00 am, followed by history, geography or science at around 11:00 am. Wednesday has always been our traditional science day with experiments and a nature walk, whatever the weather, and then French or art/ design which will alternate at around 12:00, and lastly an outdoor activity in the afternoon including some spaces for different options (like beach!). In between are breaks and lunch, obviously.

The timetable is sketched out in my Bullet Journal – I can’t really do pretty and creative planning, but I’m enjoying using it for notes.

Then, for my day-to-day weekly notes are in an Erin Condren teacher planner  (you may know that I am a planner addict, and Erin Condren is one of my favourites which I have used a few years in a row):

I have made a bit of a mess of this page, and I don’t use the rows per day (I might cover them up with stickers at some point), it is just a list of subjects to cover over the course of a week, and I have an insert listing the order of the day.

It may change, it may not work, but one of the advantages of home education is that you can respond very quickly and re-work your plans if needs be.

What are your plans this year? Are you a planner addict, or do you enjoy “pretty planning”? What do you use?

Happy new year!

Welcome to September! Another month, another term, another year! Somehow I seem to be starting my 18th year of home education! 

This year I’m teaching (or is it facilitating? I still haven’t worked that out!) Baba Zonee (B.Z.) who is now 13 and Pony-rider who is now 16.
Pony-rider wasn’t expecting to be at home this year – she was assured by two separate schools that she was welcome on a catch-up GCSE year leading into sixth form and A Levels, and both schools subsequently turned around and realised that the funding wouldn’t be there so neither would the places be. That has left us with a quandary – what to do?

There are other colleges, but that would mean travel in the wrong direction (or at least the opposite direction to her dad and brother – it would mean I have a 2 hour round trip every morning and afternoon, with carschooling B.Z. – certainly not my favourite option),  or we could start studying GCSEs from home and sit as external students. That is probably what we will need to do, but we weren’t expecting to have to do this. It seems that we can’t do the subjects that Pony-rider wanted to do from home, and I feel completely unprepared.

We’re also just beginning to gear up for yet another house move – our 5th (or 7th if you count the three months we lived in emergency accommodation after being flooded out of our rental property – actually the emergency place was 10 times nicer than the place we were renting but that’s an aside) and hopefully our final move!

I can’t wait to be finally settled but I have a niggling feeling that it will be too late for our home education. We have had more than 5 years of almost constant disruption, chronic ill health and stress. I’d like to be able to say that I’m now an expert at home educating through crises and chronic stress but in fact I think it’s more a case of just barely surviving by the skin of my teeth.

Next time I’ll share some of the resources we’re using, and some of the things we plan to study this year (just as soon as we’ve worked it out for ourselves). 🙂

What are you doing this year? Are you new to home education or are you a seasoned veteran?

Quick Tip!

I had to have a chuckle when I saw this, as it turns out this is exactly what we did today:

“If you find that you don’t have enough time to socialize with other adults, start coordinating your playtime with your kids’. You may find that you can get your dose of talking politics with another mother while spending time at the park.”

From the Page-a-Day Busy Mum’s Pad Notepad + Calendar 2010