Books for Anglicans

This is a list of books which may be useful to Anglican home educators and for anybody wanting to teach or explore R.E. in a home education setting. Some of them we have used personally and can recommend, the rest are by recommendations of others who have used them.

Teaching / Curriculum

Resource Bank: Using the Bible in the Primary Curriculum‘ Books 1, 2 and 3. By Margaret Cooling and Diane Walker, with Maggie Goodwin. Published by the Bible Society.

This is a nice, gentle resource which approaches the subject of Christian religious education through topics. Book 1 t0pics include: friends, family, people and sharing. Book 2 topics include: promises, change, fire, lights. Book 3 topics include: messages from God, special stories of Jesus, prayer and standing up for what you believe.

It is mostly comprised of discussion suggestions, but it does include ideas for arts and crafts and other activities.

Sunday-school-type Resources

Welcome to the Lord’s Table: A practical course for preparing children to receive Holy Communion‘ by Margaret Withers with a foreword by The Rt Revd Stephen Venner, Bishop in Canterbury and Bishop of Dover. Published by the Bible Reading Fellowship.

Includes 5 introductory chapters and 10 units with suggestions for discussion, worship, music and prayer.

The Shorter Catechism Activity Book: Learning the Truth with Puzzles‘ by Marianne Ross

87 pages of activities for each of the questions from the Shorter Catechism. Published by Christian Focus Publications.

Liturgical Resources

The main liturgical resource is ‘Common Worship: Daily Prayer‘ which includes forms of prayer for morning, day-time, evening and bedtime prayer.

The Lectionary‘ readings – published every year (can also be found in the Church Book and Desk Diary which also includes the ‘collect’ prayers for each Sunday and feast day)

There is also a Bible produced specifically for Anglicans, the ‘NSRV‘ (New Standard Revised Version), which is also available in an Anglicised version. This contains daytime and evening prayer forms as well as daily Bible readings from the Additional selection of the Lectionary.

If you are interested in historical forms of liturgy, you may like to obtain a copy of ‘The Book of Common Prayer‘ and even ‘The Alternative Service Book 1980‘. The lectionary still includes selections from the BCP, as some churches still prefer the more traditional language. (I know that some churches in Cornwall still use the BCP and tend towards traditional / Anglo-Catholic.)

Some liturgical books for children include:

The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book: A Comprehensive Programme for Every Sunday of the Lectionary‘ by Katie Thompson and published by Kevin Mayhew.

Includes introduction and discussion starter, activities and prayer for every week of the liturgical year, as well as hundreds of photocopiable pages.


I hope to add more as time allows.

Please do comment below with any suggestions, recommendations or requests.

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