2019 Planner Giveaway!

To celebrate our new UK planner group gaining 100 members so quickly, I would like to organise a giveaway from my stash of undated Home Ed Planners!
I’m just about to visit my mum and I’ll be back on Monday 12th so we can call that our deadline.
To enter:
1) Like this post and/ or
3) Reblog this post (or share the same post on Facebook or Twitter),
4) Connect with me on Twitter @Ohana_HE
5) Follow or subscribe to this blog
And let me know which/ how many of these you have done. You obviously have more chance of winning the more of these you do.
The winner then will be picked as close to Monday 12th September I can manage.
The winner can choose between:
1) an American style weekly planner,
2) a UK style daily planner for Primary (A4 or A5)
3) a UK style daily planner for Secondary (A4 or A5).
You can also nominate a brand new home educator/ planner to receive the planner you win (which is what happened the last time I organised a giveaway).
I’ll post pics of the available planners when I have a moment.
p.s. I forgot to say that this ought to be limited to the UK. The main winner will need to be in the UK. If there is a non-UK winner, we’ll need to talk about shipping/ postage costs, and you may get a booby prize if the shipping is too high.

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