List of all known Historical Reality tv shows

If you love historical reality TV shows like 1900s House and 1940s House, here is a comprehensive list, and the blog is worth following too.


Historical Reality Television

It is a difficult job, but I’m trying to make a complete list of all known Historical Reality TV shows and then, of course, try and watch them all.

  • Green titles are shows I have in my collection.
  • Red printed titles are missing from my collection.
  • Blue titles have been reviewed by me, click them to read the review.
  • Bold titles are recommended by me.

If you know of shows that should be on the list but aren’t or if you can help me trace one of the shows not yet in my collection, let me know in the comments.


  • Living in the past (UK 1978)
    (Timewatch – Living in the Past documentary (UK 1978))


  • The Victorian Kitchen Garden (UK 1987)


  • The Victorian Kitchen (UK 1989)


  • The Victorian Flower Garden (UK 1991)


  • The Wartime Kitchen and Garden (UK 1993)


  • The 1900 house (UK 1999)

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