Parenting Teens and Young Adults

A friend shared this post on facebook, and I like it – it is inspiring me to start blogging here again after a long hiatus.

One thing that disturbs me about this post though is the idea of only starting to recognise that your kids are humans, becoming people, when they’re middle schoolers who have opinions and let you know about them!

No. Your kids were already people when they were babies. I purposely did not share photos of my kids online, for various reasons including the fact that they could not consent, and the fact that there are horrible people online who target vulnerable youngsters, and download perfectly innocent family photos. Annoyingly, friends of ours posted pictures of our kids without our permission, something I would neverv do. The risks are far greater and graver than most people seem to realise.

Leaving that to one side though, I agree with this author’s point that, as kids get older, parenting gets lonelier. We lost our irl community by moving away, but my online community seems to have disappeared.

My kids, now all young adults at 23, 18, 17 and 15, have all now moved on from home education – to school, college and the world. So I stopped blogging here, because I felt at the time, when my youngest went to school, that i no longer had anything much of value to say.

(I do have other blogs on other topics though: Unimatrix Nexus – my busy brain won’t allow me to be still.)

I still tweet about home education at @Ohana_HE and parenting at @lillbjorne

And I post on Facebook pages of the same name here and here. So I havent been silent, but I am perhaps less visible.

It has been on my mind to do that, as a new years resolution for 2019, but I hadn’t really thought before now to include this area of my life.

But I am still a mother, I still ‘do’ mothering. I still teach them, though now in a much more limited and informal capacity. It is still valid, and necessary, and important.

Who do you find inspiring for parenting older children – whether pre-teens, teens or young adults?

What is missing that you’d like to see more of?

What are your questions, worries, concerns?

What are your joys and sorrows in this season?

I would love to hear from you!

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