Free Tickets to the Panto (Boo, Hiss)


I can think of very few things for which I have less affection than Pantomime. Let’s see: male comedians dressed as women behaving badly (am I alone in feeling that it’s disrespectful to women?), rudeness of all kinds disguised as humour, crass innuendo, a theatre full of screaming, laughing kids? Well that about sums it up for me! (Bah, humbug!)

I realise that I’m in danger of sounding very ungrateful as well as grumpy – after all, our next door neighbour’s daughter was very kind and generous to provide all six of us with free tickets for the second year running. And in fairness, this year’s Aladdin was a vast improvement on last year’s Cinderella.

But really and truly, I’d really prefer a packet of biscuits and a quiet night in.

(He’s behind you!)


My kids seem neutral on the subject. They’re happy to go out to the theatre for whatever’s on offer, but they wouldn’t be vastly disappointed if we’re not invited again next year.

What I would like to do this year is see if we can get to the theatre at least once or twice to see something that isn’t pantomime.

What about you? Are you seeing a pantomime this year? Do you love it, or hate it, or can you take it or leave it? Is theatre part of your homeschool experience?


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