Summery School #homeed

It has been an absolutely great day today, from start to finish – a fun day, with no ‘lessons’, but thoroughly educational.

This morning we went to a home ed group birthday party with a visiting ‘animal guy’ – I fully expected rabbits and kittens, but in fact it was a selection of exotic specimens, including a giant centipede, a giant lizard, a python, a beautiful barn owl and a bird-eating spider (is this the same as a Tarantula? We’re not sure. The guy talked a lot but he was a bit rambly and easily distracted so we weren’t sure what he was trying to tell us.) We were all brave and had a hold! I held a tarantula!

Unfortunately I had camera fail so no photos of us with the animals sadly.

This afternoon we bought a paddling pool on the way home which we have only half filled – by the time we had got that much done the garden was in shadow and it was getting a bit too cold to go in, but we had a lovely time in the sun filling it so hopefully if the nice weather holds it will be something for tomorrow and the rest of the week too.

Then this evening Pony-rider and I have been at Girlguides, cooking outdoors – burgers and sausages for the meat-eaters, and for us vegetarians, double portions of ‘camp doughnuts’ – a marvellous, magical invention whereby jam sandwiches are dipped in batter and transformed into doughnuts in the frying pan!

I love this time of year, when everything starts to get a bit slow and chilled in the sun, but the days are getting longer and not a minute is wasted!


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