New Year Planning

Ordinarily, I do my planning well in advance. I love planning. I love writing and stationery! Planning is one of the joys of home education for me! 🙂

This year, however, we are still reeling from moving house. I have unpacked most of the book boxes but I still don’t really know where anything is, so it’s all a bit frustrating. Until I find the resources I really want to use, we’ll be having to use whatever we can find. I’ll tell you more about what we’re using later.

I’ve used dozens of different planners, some printable, some printed, and I did have a look at a programme (was it homeschool tracker?) But my favourite, which I keep coming back to again and again is the Evan-Moor Daily Plan Book.


I like it because it has lots of spaces – 8 big squares for every day, which can be used any way you choose (I find that if I’m restricted in any way I tend to want to rebel and rearrange it all).


I may revisit planners in future posts, and showcase some of my favourites.

I’d love to hear which planner(s) you use and how you use them.


One thought on “New Year Planning

  1. It IS planning time…. a time I look forward to AND a time I dread! LOL…. I’ll be researching preschool things soon as well as more high school things. Strange combination! I like the looks of the planner above. I tried homeschool tracer once…didn’t like it at all… I actually think it made things MORE time consuming. This year, for my highschooler, I actually took several days to write out 180 sheets containing exactly what he needed to do each day. While it took me several days here and there to do, it has saved me countless hours during the school year as all I have to do is check his work and check off what’s complete…. no planning the following week – he just does whatever is next. I’m sure to do it again next year. I’ll probably wait and see what curriculum I’m using before deciding on a planner.

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