I’ve been away from the world of proper blogs for a long time, but I use twitter a lot (I have several accounts but the home education-related one is @HE_Curriculum if you’re interested to follow).

It occurs to me that, if I wait until I have a lot of words to share before writing a blog post, being used as I am to the 140 character format, I may rarely post anything, but if I don’t need to worry about post length, I may be more likely to write. That may make for not very interesting reading, I’m not quite sure yet. But I suspect I need practice and I may improve!

I have one topic today. I have heard of and know people who have encouraged their children to blog as part of their home education – for English, or ICT, or just general education. This is not something I have succeeded in – partly because we have lived in a location devoid of internet accessibility, but also I think because my children are not all that interested in the social side of new media.

Have your children started blogs, or do they post on twitter? Do they run websites or networks? Is it something you would recommend? In what way has it been beneficial? And finally, did you have to cajole and persuade them or did they take to it willingly? I’d love to hear from other home educating parents (and children!) đŸ™‚


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