Worksheet Fest!

We’ve had something of a revelation this week!

For all my enthusiasm about “unschooling” and autonomous education, I do actually use a curriculum: Sonlight, which is an indpendent US company which supplies a literature-based curriculum. It suits me because, suffering from CFS (chronic fatigue) as I do, it is a thoroughly relaxed curriculum that can be followed sitting down huddled together on the sofa, or even lying down in bed when I have needed to. (Really!)

But this week, dd10 announced that she wanted to do some “proper school-work”, so I dug out and dusted down my books of photocopiable worksheets, and I am amazed to find that she *loves* them! What’s more, the worksheet “bug” has spread to the little boys too, which is slightly gob-smacking as neither of them is really reading confidently much yet, but then I remembered that with my daughter, writing came *before* reading – which is slightly counter-intuitive – but that obviously works for some children!

I’m keen to point out that this move towards a kind of “school-at-home” style is not at all of my leading, and it may after all be just a phase that wears off, but we’ll carry on this way for as long as it suits them. This seems to be a new season for us.

Some children suit more structure than others, but my 14yob is not at all moved – this kind of learning holds no interest for him currently, and so for now at least he will carry on teaching himself in his own way, in his own time, the things that interest him to learn.

I do confess to some anxiety about my eldest’s reluctance to learn the traditional way, but I am confident that his knowledge now at 14 is far advanced of my own when I left school. I’m also aware that children rarely learn in an atmosphere of pressure of coercion, so if / when he wants to learn differently, he’ll let me know.


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