situations vacant: home educator – flexibility essential

I remembered being told early on in our home education adventure that flexibility, and the willingness to lay aside my own plans in favour of the children’s individual interests and particular learning needs were amongst the most important characteristics in a home educating parent.

I can’t say that I embody these qualities naturally, but I suppose I have become more flexible, more willing to negotiate over the years, and have seen the fruits of allowing the children a bigger say in their own learning.

Today was planned to be a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum, but it went to a vote and swimming was preferred, amongst other things (cooking, French – believe it or not, and a nature walk, as it happened). Hopefully, the trip to London will take place on another occasion, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the V&A will be followed by the Science Museum *and* the Natural History museum! I will have to psych myself up for it!


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