Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Now the good weather is here, there is an endless round of picnics and activities, which sometimes take all day.

It can be tempting to over-compensate with educational activities, feeling that all that social time is ‘wasted’: maths and handwriting before we leave the house, memory work in the car (captive audience) and to feel guilty if we’re too tired to do anything ‘educational’ when we get home.

But in fact, lots of natural, unhindered learning goes on when parents are brave enough to be hands-off: I noticed an impressive lot of co-operation and team-building going on amongst the older children, and impromptu nature study by the younger ones.

If we allow our children to live unfettered by strictly enforced timetables and lesson plans, the time is never wasted, even when it doesn’t look productive to the casual observer: they’re learning all the time.


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