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Romans in Britain @ the Northampton Shoe Museum

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We were part of an educational party visit yesterday to the Northampton Shoe Museum, with a hands-on activity on the theme of the Romans in Britain.

The Northampton Shoe Museum is more properly named the Northampton Museum & Gallery – there is more in it than shoes; however, I must confess to having expected the hands-on activity to have at least featured shoes! But, no – a Roman soldier’s armour was available to dress up in, but it didn’t include the sandals! There was lots of pottery, and tesserae from mosaics – it was all very stimulating, but no shoes!

One of the things we have discovered over the years of home educating is that large group visits are not necessarily terribly conducive to learning. They have their place, of course, and can often be a chance for some positive social interaction, but if it is learning you’re after, small or family groups are definitely preferable. This one is a place we will plan to visit again on our own another time.


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