Fun Will Now Commence!

Just to pre-warn you –  we are, it has to be said, an incorrigibly sci-fi-oriented family, frequently to be found talking about transport capability and temporal mechanics, so you’ll have to forgive my tendency to allude to Star Trek and other geeky-nerdy pursuits.  Tonight’s episode of Star Trek Voyager caught my eye especially due to this scene where Seven of Nine tries to impose her idea of suitable structure onto the Borg children who can’t help but resist:

The subject of structure, and how much or how little (if any) is best for children with a view to providing the best learning environment, is a perennial topic for debate, and I think that ultimately every family finds their own path and their own equilibrium.  Ours, we have found, is fluid and shifting: we have periods of structured learning followed by periods of spontaneity, and periods involving a mixture of the two. With home education, nothing is set in stone and you have the freedom to be able to find the way that works best for your family. There is parenting peer pressure to be found within the home educating community for sure, but we tend to become more and more immune to its effects the longer we walk this ‘path less trodden’. There are footprints out in front of us now for those of us wanting reassurance, but the beauty of our freedom is that we can run on to the grass if we choose to! 😀


One thought on “Fun Will Now Commence!

  1. I love Seven of Nine, she was a cool character for a loads of reasons.

    I think I’ve used the line ‘Fun will now commence’ a few times just before I attack a family member with tickles too.

    Good scene.

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